Cancelling a Home Warranty Contract

Though home warranties are advantageous to handy older domestic devices, a few property holders realize that they do not require the home warranty plan any more. When this takes place the homeowners have to take some steps to cancel the home warranty plan so as to stay away from extra charges. If you are sure to cancel your home warranty contract, make certain to keep away from likely problems by reviewing your home warranty contract carefully earlier than commencing the process of cancelling a home warranty contract.

Guidelines to cancel a home warranty contract

Evaluating the contract

Evaluate the original home warranty contract. The company agreement is state-specific with cancellation terms that are designed to follow the customer protection laws of individual states. To keep away from being charged unexpected payments, evaluate the agreement earlier than contacting the concerned home warranty company. If you could not trace your original home warranty contract, send a letter through the qualified postal mail to the company, requesting a duplicate of the home warranty contract for your own records.

Cancellation letter

Write a contract cancellation letter to the home warranty company, requesting for the cancellation of services. This letter should have the name, account number and service address of the warranty holder. It must as well, demand that the home warranty service be concluded 30 days from the date of your letter. This 30-day time is necessary because some home warranty companies require a notice of minimum 30 days, so be ready to forfeit the additional month of home warranty service.

Additional copy

When posting the letter have an additional copy to be posted to the bank or the credit card issuer being planned to stop the routine monthly costs. Make sure to add a Carbon Copy addendum to the letter sent to the home warranty company so that it is acknowledged that the bank and the credit card issuer have been informed. Do not attempt to fax, email or call the company’s customer service to make cancellation demands because the delivery of these demands can be tricky to authenticate.

Notifying the paying agencies

Call the bank or the credit card issuer, handling the routine warranty costs and notify the customer service agent of the home warranty company that the account is programmed to be cancelled. Verify that the copy of the cancellation letter has been acknowledged, and inform the agent about the previous anticipated payment date. Specify the time and date of the telephone call together with the name of the agent spoken to.

Contact the home warranty company through registered post, requesting for the written authentication of the cancellation of the warranty. However, it may take a maximum period of five weeks to get this written authentication, and once you obtain it, keep it with the original home warranty contract.

Once the cancellation of the home warranty contract has been confirmed, observe bank and charge accounts for being established, observe bank and charge accounts for illegal subtractions made by the home warranty company. If cash is drafted from an account 30 days following the cancellation request is made or subsequent to the termination has been established, call card issuer or the bank. Offer to fax the printed cancellation confirmation and in most situations, the credit card issuer or the bank will pay back the extra charge.


A home warranty contract is a form of cover intended to care for property holders from costly repairs of home systems and appliances. Although a home warranty plan will not cover pre-existing circumstances in your home, it can be a handy way to lessen unexpected expenses when you own a home. So before cancelling a home warranty contract, it is better to think twice about your decision.

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