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A home warranty is a policy that covers major home appliances which may include electrical systems, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, as well as refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, garbage disposal, washers/dryers, ductwork, wiring, electrical panels, furnaces, air conditioner, faucets and heating units depending on the items covered for a period of about one year. A home warranty is not usually part of the homeowner’s insurance policy but is more like a service contract which covers costly home replacements, services and repairs which may be result due to the wear and tear of major systems and home appliances in a house usually for a period of about one year.

Is Home Warranty Good or Bad for Appliances?

A home warranty saves one from the stress involved in case a home appliance or a major system malfunctions and there is an urgent need for a repair or replacement. Depending on the terms of the warranty, the situation at hand may be addressed without one having to part with a great deal of cash or live in adverse conditions since all the items may be dealt with single handedly by the home warranty company and the home warranty may only be required to pay some small service fee. The warranty company will also provide a repairman so no need to worry about looking for the same. If for instance one is not so sure about the age of the appliances, what appliance or system may breakdown at what time and how much the repair or replacement costs may be, getting a home warranty could help since they won’t have to always try to predict the next victim as all the uncertainties may be covered depending on the nature of the warranty and the terms agreed upon between the home warranty company and the home owner. A home warranty can also increase the value of the house in case one is planning to sell their house thus increasing the chances of finding a buyer.

How to submit a Home Warranty Service claim

In case something goes wrong with appliances and components in your home, make a list of the components which have problems noting down details such as name, appliance model, serial number and the date of manufacture. Then counter check with if they are on the list of items covered by the warranty. If the items are covered by the warranty and the coverage deadline is still on, then you can file your claim according to the warranty’s instructions describing the issue at hand and putting your repair request in writing. You should also ensure to put the customer identity they gave you at registration and the physical address of your home so that they can easily reach you. The warranty claim can then be submitted to the home warranty company offices or through their various agents. Some claims can also be submitted to the home warranty companies via their various websites for further actions.

In case one would wish that a certain repair company does their repairs, they may be disappointed since the warranty companies do often have their own affiliated repair companies who do their jobs. Warranties too only cover appliances which were in good functional conditions at the time of the warranty purchase up to the time when the coverage period will be exhausted.

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