Servicing Broken Appliances

People who have just purchased a new home appliance will be offered by companies what they call a home appliance extended warranty.

This is a form of protection for the appliances, an option that will allow clients to request servicing broken appliances in the future.Most of the appliances that are being sold already come with manufacturer’s warranty and for this reason getting a servicing warranty might not be a good idea for others.

There are certain appliances that are too expensive but only have limited warranty insurance and owners have the option of getting a warranty service for the future that will help them handle the expenses of the broken appliances.

However, there are also appliances that are not that expensive, and are expected to withstand the best of time. There are also those appliances that are much cheaper than the actual fee that has to be paid for the extended warranty service.

If this is the case, the client has to reject the offer for the extended warranty.

Does homeowners insurance cover the repair or replacement of all major home appliances?

This is usually not the case; most of the homeowners insurance that are being provided will not really cover servicing the appliances but would only cover cases where burglary or natural disaster is concerned.

It will only cater to replacing the items if they are involved in a fire or lightning incident.

Type of appliance warranty plans:

Home warranty for the service contract for the repair and replacement of major home appliances will be able to handle the repair cost. Servicing Broken Appliances will be part of the deal, most clients are advised to get this type of warranty, and the client can choose the appliances that they will insure.

Some will no longer choose the repair option but would rather pay extra for the insurance so that the item will just be replaced just in case it is not working anymore.


Tips to remember:

  • Clients have to make sure that they are getting legitimate service from an insurance provider that is connected with a repair company.
  • There are those insurance companies that try to sell these types of warranty but are not really affiliated with any repair companies.
  • During the claim process, the client could have a hard time processing their request making the process very stressful and at times ineffective.
  • Clients have to be vigilant, to check the partnership of the insurance company with a particular servicing or repair services before they agree to sign up with any of the insurance coverage plans being offered to them.
  • Some of the most commonly applied appliances would often include air conditioning, dishwashers, water heater, and ductwork, garbage disposal, ceiling fans, electrical systems, range and oven including that of inside plumbing stoppages.
  • Each of these major appliances could be best protected by these types of warranties and in the future Servicing Broken Appliances could be an option with the help of the home warranty agreement covered by insurance companies.
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