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Home warranty businesses have been offering replacement services for home systems and appliances to customers since the start of the industry in the 1970s. As home builders are essential to supply a warranty for newly constructed homes in several states, proprietors of existing homes can buy a home warranty to cover things such as HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing appliances, and other systems in their homes. Many real estate agents and home sellers buy a home warranty as a shoppers' incentive. Warranties can offer serenity for homeowners, but they must know the restrictions on their coverage so that service charges and other out-of-pocket expenses do not shock them. Here are the similarities and differences of two major US-based home warranty companies, Choice Home Warranty and Total Protect.

Home warranty plans

The home warranty plans of Choice Home Warranty include the Basic Plan that offers the necessary coverage to almost all major broken-down home systems and appliances. Those who would like to add other systems and appliances that involve higher repair costs may opt for the next versatile home warranty plan, known as the Total Plan. This allows homeowners to stay away from costly repair expenses, or get their broken-down covered items replaced without much trouble.

On the other hand, TotalProtect offers customers only one home warranty plan, known as the Optimal Plan. This plan assists homeowners pay the replacement or revamp bill when any of their 20 most vital systems and appliances stop working. Furthermore, the business allows customers to include either their home appliance or home systems in the plan. Further home appliances or systems can be incorporated into the existing home warranty plan by paying extra charges.

While the home warranty plans of TotalProtect offers coverage for up to 20 items, the all-inclusive home warranty plan of Choice Home Warranty provides coverage to almost all home appliances and systems, irrespective of how numerous they may be, which will be quite affordable and beneficial for most homeowners. In this aspect, CHW gets the upper hand.


The official website of Choice Home Warranty is packed with all business information, including procedures to file claims, details of various home protection plans, their contact information, and company addresses in various parts of the country. Their website is also equipped to show the features of different plans and their services.

TotalProtect also offers consumers several simple ways to place their claims through their official website, Although they can get a quote, assess different plans, view customer ratings and reviews, explore covered items, and find the way to contact their customer care center, major things, such as the contact numbers for local offices of the business are missing.

Choice Home Warranty is the better home warranty company as far as the usefulness of the online services is concerned.

Customer service

Customers have an option to get in touch with Choice Home Warranty at any time during the term of the contract through different sources, such as through email, by post, over the phone, or through the form featured on the official website. Customers can save their time in explaining the status of their broken down appliance or system over the phone, by following the simple-to-understand procedures featured on the FAQ page of the company website.

TotalProtect offers customers a hotline as the only way to contact their 24 x 7 x 365 customer care center.

Naturally Choice Home Warranty gets the upper hand regarding customer service as it offers different resources to contact them.

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