Choice Home Warranty vs American Home Shield


A home warranty is usually a one-year renovating service agreement designed to safeguard the domestic budget from unforeseen expensive repairs on home appliances and systems. There are several home warranty businesses in the United States and each business offers unique home warranty plans and options to decide from, to best suit the specific requirements of a home. Each business also varies in coverage by region and by the involvement of a home in a real estate transaction. Plan costs also vary according to the company, plans, and the geographic location. If you are buying a home warranty plan, it is vital to know these factors before signing a contract with your proposed home warranty business. Here is the difference between two leading American-based home warranty companies, Choice Home Warranty and American Home Shield.

Home warranty plans

Choice Home Warranty offers its consumers two reasonably priced and all-inclusive home warranty plans, the Basic Plan and the Total Plan. The Basic Plan is the admission-level plan that offers coverage to almost all domicile appliances and most imperative systems. Alternatively, the Total Plan of this business offers coverage to all the appliances and systems covered by the basic plan, plus additional coverage for other systems and appliances.

When it comes to American Home Shield, the business offers four different home protection plans, such as Appliance plans, Systems Plans, Combo, and Build your Plan. Although these plans are also designed in accordance with the requirements and the budget of consumers, they vary in terms of prices and they cover only specific appliances and systems. Overall, the annual premiums of the home defense plans of this company vary between $249 and $500.

Although American Home Shield offers more plan options than those of Choice Home Warranty, it covers only specific home appliances and systems when compared to those of CHW. Therefore, in this aspect, Choice Home Warranty is the better option.


Choice Home Warranty upholds a well-equipped website that features all types of information regarding the business. All sorts of claims can be processed easily through their website. It also features an FAQ page that offers valuable information about the home warranty plans, their prices, and coverage items. Furthermore, the website features all vital telephone numbers for contact, and the addresses of their various offices in the country, in conjunction with details about the business and their services.

Although American Home Shield also maintains a well-designed website with similar features to Choice Home Warranty, it lacks information such as vital telephone numbers for contact, and the addresses of their various offices in the country.

Choice Home Warranty is the better option when comes to contact details available on the website.

Customer Support

Customers can contact Choice Home Warranty at any time through their all-day customer and technical support from the Edison call center through their various methods of communication, such as toll-free phone number, email, postal mail, or through the online contact form. The FAQ page of the business also assists customers to know the procedure to report a breakdown or repair, thus curtailing the time they have to spend explaining their state of affairs on the phone.

Although the customers of American Home Shield feel comfortable with their painless payment, the ease of submitting service requests, and setting up new appointments, most of them do not like their poor customer support, zero honesty, and horrible service.

As far as customer and technical support are concerned, customers can 100% rely on the 24/7 support from Choice Home Warranty.

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