The Benefits of a Home Warranty

First American home warranty is a protection for home buyer’s company which was established in 1984. The main work of the company is to deal with repair and replacement of all the basic operations for example home appliances which have malfunction. The services offered by American home warranty include: replacement of refrigerators, garbage disposal, and heating or cooling systems. In fact, the company could also assist people who are undergoing natural calamities for example fire breakouts and floods.

The company provides high quality services by giving the clients what they require in terms of home repairs and services. Through immediate solutions to problems, they make the lives of many people simple. In addition, they protect their customers against the rising of repairs of home appliances.

How does a home warranty protection plan work?

You need to contact the American home warranty if there is a breakdown of any of your appliances. The company will arrange a technician who will come and fix the problem in your home.

Why should you purchase home warranty?

You need to purchase home warranty if you have appliances which are getting old. In addition, home warranty is also applicable when your house is more than 5 years old. One can also buy a home warranty if you did not have time to repair your equipments incase of break down. Moreover, you can go for home warranty if there isn’t a contractor who is trusted and you didn’t want your work repaired by contractors who are unreliable.

The estimated cost of a home warranty

For a standard home warranty, its cost is approximately $275. Additional costs are: $25 for refrigerator, $125 for pool and spa equipment, $50 for central air conditioning, and $100 for repairing roofs which are leaking.

Benefits of home warranty

Normally, people have fears when procuring a home. This is because they did not want to incur major repair bills when they have purchased their new homes. In order to avoid these problems, American home warranty is there to assist you. American home warranty is beneficial to both buyers and sellers.

Benefits to buyers:

  • Convenient service: at American home warranty, you will get services which are convenient because of its friendly customer service representatives, and vendors who are trustworthy. Therefore, buyers get the right services from the time they are closing to claiming resolution.
  • Renewable protection: because of the services which the American home warranty offers, the buyers don’t want to be without a home warranty plan again. Hence, they can renew it from American home warranty again.
  • Lower utility bills: with home warranty, you can get repairs and replacement of your home appliances. This will eventually result in saving your monthly electric bill. Research has shown that 95% of efficiency is maintained when home warranty is used.
  • Prior scheduling: when an emergency has occurred, you don’t need to wait for days for your system to be repaired. Your systems will be placed under prior scheduling plan and your services will be offered to you on the same day.
  • Services which are trustworthy: with home warranty, you will be dealing with a company which you can trust. This is because the company offers quality services with a low cost.

Benefits to sellers:

  • Free coverage during the listing period: when sellers want to purchase a home warranty from the buyers, they also receive coverage.
  • Protection from post sale dispute: if there is a mechanical system which has failed, the buyer will contact the home warranty but not the seller.
  • Home warranty insurance protection plan

The American home warranty offers a home warranty protection plan.

These are services with insurance polices which covers the major appliances and systems in our homes. A home warranty protection plan normally runs for a long period if the plan was ordered when the home is purchased.

Home warranty is very important as it saves you a lot of money. You need to first understand the intended purpose particularly the cover systems before receiving the above benefits. A home warranty should also be considered as an alternative plan of having your property to be inspected by licensed professionals. In case of any defect, the technicians will repair the home appliances.

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