Home Warranty Claims Process

If you are a holder of a home warranty policy, you are entitled to lodge a claim for your damaged home appliances and systems with your home warranty provider on any day at any time. Most businesses offer a 24 x 7 nationwide claims service, so you can get their claims service whenever you are in need. During the claims course, your service provider will offer you the option of when and how you would like them to contact you, ensuring you are knowledgeable about the status of your claim. For most home warranty claims, they will assign you a committed claims expert to support you all through the claims process, offering you a consistent and individualized service each step of the way.

Ways to file Home Warranty claims

If you would like to submit a home warranty claim for a warranted imperfection, you are supposed to do so by offering written notice to both your builder and your home warranty company. You can present your notice of claim through mail, fax or e-mail. The following are the particulars to be attached with your claim in order to get the compensation easily and quickly. These include:

  1. Your home warranty policy number.
  2. Your complete name.
  3. Full address of your home.
  4. Your contact telephone number.
  5. If applicable, your e-mail address.
  6. An in depth description of each system and appliance being claimed, including their specific place in your home and their date of failure.
  7. Any other particulars you feel pertinent.

It is also vital to confirm the details of the covered items in your home warranty policy before lodging your claim to avoid unnecessary disappointments.

The administrator of your home warranty provider will attach you with their right people, so you can be convinced that you will get fast and dependable claims managing service and support. To process your home warranty claim quickly and effectively, you are supposed to know:

  • The complete email address of your home warranty company.
  • Their contact resource, such as phone number, fax number, or toll free number pertained to your area.
  • The complete address of your service provider relevant to your neighborhood.

If you possess a home in a multi-family levels building, and you consider there may be defect claims, associating with the common property, you are supposed to inform your strata committee and, or your property administrator so that they can present a claim on behalf of you.

How the home warranty claims work?


Once you submit your home warranty claim with your service provider, they will assign a claims mentor who will get in touch with you about the next steps. Your claims advisor will keep you notified about the progress of the claim along the way. Your service provider will also provide you a claim number that will be your continuing reference to the home warranty claim. You have to refer this claim number in all your future enquiries about your claims and while providing any additional information to your provider, associated with your claim. Most reliable home warranty companies will settle simple claims with 24 hours, whereas other huge claims will take up to a week to get them settled.

When to submit a home warranty claim

Earlier than contacting your home warranty company, you are supposed to make sure that:

  • You have previously attempted to solve the problem with your landlord or a solution by yourself.
  • Your landlord or yourself was incapable to resolve the problem within a reasonable time.
  • Your home warranty plan has not expired.
  • Your reporting time to file a claim for the item in question has not passed.

And the rest is easy

The easiest and the most effective way to claim is by calling your home warranty company through their toll free number that offers you a 24/7/365 service. You can also download the claim form online that will be featured on the official website of your provider. However, if you have purchased the home warranty through a consultant or agent, it is best to get in touch with them directly for all of your claims.

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