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First American Home Warranty Review

A home warranty offers reliable protection against unexpected repair or replacement costs. Your home is an investment in and of itself and, with First American Home Warranty, you can rest easy knowing that you are protected against costly repairs for your home systems and appliances. When something breaks down or burns out, First American Home Warranty will put you in touch with a qualified, experienced technician who will solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

While First American Home Warranty is ideal for homeowners, it is also an excellent resource for real estate professionals. Adding a home warranty can sweeten the deal for potential buyers, and it is affordable for everyone involved!

What Does First American Home Warranty Have to Offer?

  • Quick and easy quotes. With First American Home Warranty, getting a free quote is easy – just visit the company website. All you need is your contact information, your address, and some information about your home. When you request a quote, you are under no obligation to buy!
  • Submit a claim online or by phone. When you protect your home with First American Home Warranty, it is easy to take advantage of your coverage. File a claim online or call 800-992-3400 to speak to the claims agent. The claims agent will put you in touch with a service provider who will diagnose the problem and provide a solution.
  • Flexible plan options and upgrades. First American Home Warranty makes it easy to select and customize your plan coverage. Choose the Basic plan to cover necessary appliances or the Premier Plan to cover appliances as well as home systems. You also have the option to add individual coverage for other appliances/systems, and you can pay for a First Class Upgrade if you like.
  • Benefits for Real Estate Professionals. The First American Home Warranty company offers coverage to homeowners as well as sellers and buyers. Real Estate Professionals can recommend coverage for sellers to cover the home during the listing period and/or to include in the sale of the home.
  • Comprehensive customer service. Not only does First American Home Warranty make it easy for you to use your plan, but they also have Customer Service representatives always on-call for quotes, claims, and questions. The Service Department is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by phone and online.
  • Long-standing reliability and service. First American Home Warranty has been an industry leader in home warranty plans for more than 30 years. To ensure excellent service, service providers must complete a probationary period, and they are continuously monitored through customer surveys.

Costs and Plan Options

First American Home Warranty offers their customers two plan options – the Basic Plan and the Premier Plan. You also have the right to add optional coverage for other appliances and systems that are not covered by these plans – optional coverage is offered on a per-appliance or per-system basis. Below you will find a comprehensive list of what is covered under each plan.

Basic Plan

  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Trash Compactor
  • Oven/Range/Cooktop
  • Microwave Oven (Built-in)
  • Kitchen Refrigerator
  • Clothes Washer and Dryer

Basic Plan Cost: The total cost for the Basic Plan is $288 which can be paid in a single lump sum or divided into twelve monthly payments of $24 – monthly payments will be charged a $3 handling fee per payment. Payments can be made online by credit or debit card.

Premier Plan

  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Trash Compactor
  • Oven/Range/Cooktop
  • Microwave Oven (Built-in)
  • Kitchen Refrigerator
  • Clothes Washer and Dryer
  • Plumbing
  • Plumbing Stoppages
  • Heating
  • Ductwork
  • Water Heater
  • Electrical
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Central Vacuum System

Premier Plan Cost: The total cost for the Premier Plan is $480 which can be paid in a single lump sum or divided into twelve monthly payments of $40 – monthly payments will be charged a $3 handling fee per payment. Payments can be made online by credit or debit card.

Optional Coverage Add-Ons:

  • Central Air Conditioning ($108)
  • Pool/Spa Equipment ($180)
  • Additional Refrigeration ($36)
  • Well Pump ($84)
  • First Class Upgrade ($108)

The First Class Upgrade (FCU) option adds upgraded coverage for knobs, dials, and other small parts for appliances and systems covered by either plan. Optional coverage items must be purchased for the First Class Upgrade to apply for Central Air Conditioning. To receive First Class Upgrade coverage of home systems, the Premier Plan must be purchased.

In addition to the cost of your First American Home Warranty plan, you will also be responsible for paying a $95 service call fee per trade call. You will be required to pay this fee regardless of whether the claim is granted in part or in whole and it must be paid for each separate contractor visit.

Contracts and Restrictions

To view a copy of First American Home Warranty’s service contract agreement, click HERE.

The agreement covers only the items specifically identified in the contract as included and excludes all others. Items are not included unless they are in safe working order at the start of coverage.

The contract holder pays the $95 service call fee for each separate trade call (each visit by an approved contractor) unless multiple visits are required to remedy the same problem.

Coverage begins on the Contract Effective Date and continues for 12 months. If the monthly payment option is selected, you will be automatically renewed for an additional annual period of coverage, unless you notify First American in writing 30 days before the expiration of the contract. Your first payments for the next contract is deemed authorization for an additional 12-month contract.

The contract provides for a 30-day review period and may be canceled up to the 30th day from the contract effective date for a full refund provided no claims have been made. After 30 days if a claim has been made, the contract is noncancelable other than by mutual agreement. If the contract is canceled, the contract holder shall be entitled to a pro-rated refund of paid contract fees less a $50 administrative fee and all service costs incurred by the company.

Customer Satisfaction

First American Home Warranty offers their customers flexible plan options and reliable customer service, not to mention a vast network of expert service technicians. Plan holders can speak to a Customer Service agent by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can submit your claim online or by phone. You will be required to pay a $95 service fee per trade service call.

The Better Business Bureau accredited First American Home Warranty on 5/30/2000, giving the company a “B” rating on a scale of A+ to F. You can find reviews (both positive and negative) for this company on the BBB website and various review sites.

If you compare First American Home Warranty to some of its competitors, you will be faced with some pros and cons. One of the advantages that First American Home Warranty offers their cover other companies is the option to customize and upgrade their plan – choose from two plans with numerous optional add-ons and firsts class upgrades. As far as disadvantages, the $95 service trade fee per call is a little higher than what other companies charge. It is also a per-call fee, not a per-claim fee.

If you have further questions about First American Home Warranty, their plans, or their contract, call toll-free at 888-875-0533 to speak with a Customer Service representative.

The Bottom Line

Overall, First American Home Warranty offers their customers a quality product that is backed by a vast network of experienced Service Providers and reliable Customer Service. If you want to protect your family against unexpected repair and replacement costs for your appliances and home systems, a home warranty is an easy way to do that. Just visit the First American Home Warranty website to review coverage options and request a free quote.

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66 Reviews for “First American Home Warranty”

  1. Lisa

    The only thing First American is good at is taking your money. I recently filed a claim and they did not have a contractor in our area I had to call in for approval for outside reimbursement. I received an email stating that I was approved and to proceed with my contractor and to provide a paid invoice for reimbursement. After the work was complete I emailed the original email that stated I was approved along with the paid invoice. Now they are refusing to pay my claim. Now I am out $3,600.00. They have been nothing but rude and unprofessional.

    Posted on February 25, 2021
  2. David

    i agree on not sending out the best service people. The one they sent seemed way over-priced for a water heater replacement. Granted it was a very old one, but it met all the regulations of being platform mounted and strapped to a wall. They wanted almost 800 just for for parts and labor, minus the $500 FAHW would cover When I told them that, they said they would send me a cash out for just the cost of the heater around the $500 and I could look for other contractors.
    They said if I don’t send them paperwork showing us it was completed, they will simply remove the WH from further coverage.
    So does that mean it does not matter what I do with the money? I fixed the thermostat which was sticking. And now it works fine.. should I just keep the money knowing I may need to replace it eventually at my cost, and let them remove the WH from coverage? Almost seems to easy.

    Posted on July 2, 2018
  3. William

    Absolutely horrible company. Sends bottom of the barrel contractors for repairs. Zero communication. Parts take weeks to be ordered, even though I could get the same parts from manufacturer or distributor within 24-48 hours. Still have a broken appliance. Can’t wait to be rid of them. I would never wish this on our worst enemy. Total waste of money and hands down the worst company I have ever dealt with.

    Posted on May 17, 2018
  4. kh

    If you care about your home, STAY AWAY FROM FIRST AMERICAN HOME WARRANTY.
    Facts based on my last dealing with them:
    • First American Home Warranty hires unlicensed and incompetent contractors.
    • They will take weeks to respond and months resolve cases.
    • Their premium is much higher than other home warranty companies. The service and their payout are the worst in the industry.
    • They will offer to replace with the lowest priced brand/model available or THEIR discounted contracted prices as cashout. They’ve offered me 1/2 of the actual replacement value of the lowest priced comparable unit.
    One of THE worst companies I’ve ever dealt with.

    Posted on January 19, 2018
  5. Steve

    I’m in the middle of my second claim attempt. The first was a water leak. They said they couldn’t fix the problem for over 1 week. NO WATER FOR 1 WEEK IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, I just fixed it myself. 2nd claim happened last Friday. My water heater went out. From the time I called to the time the plumber can fit me in is OVER 1 week. Can you imagine not having hot water for this long. Good thing I have a motorhome, we are using the shower in it for now. I’m not letting them weasel out of this one. They are hoping you give up and fix it yourself. Completely ridiculous.

    Posted on January 16, 2018
  6. Ryan Ahearn

    Absolutely would not recommend a First American Home Warranty. Save your money. You would be much better taking the $500 or whatever you paid and putting it towards a quick repair or a new appliance. By the time you pay their $75 service fee, have multiple contractor visits, and weeks of a non-functioning appliance. You would have been better off just paying for the quick fix. Avoid the frustration and waste of time. Do not get a First America Home Warranty.

    Posted on November 3, 2017
  7. Arlene

    They Are Forcing us to use contractor who is inflating price and proved it to them.
    They know we have a disabled person in home and do not care if AC is repaired or not.
    The contractor nor first American will show what they are c harming OR paying EXCEPT 1800.00 of what they will NOT cover. I asked for cash out and to see the cost..will not show.
    They don’t care about people at all. Since they have been notified that no AC can/will cause serious medical issues we have contacted a lawyer.
    Their 48 hrs is up.
    I will use the power of social media to get this story out.
    They are also forcing a disabled person to put plywood in attic or pay an additional 350.00 on top of repair.
    Oh and get this..BEFORE the contractor even looked at unit or did diagnostic started trying to sell a 4000.00 unit upgrade to NOT USE home warranty.
    This is crazy and looking like they are working together to get people to not use service already paid for ie HW, I believe they offer a bonus to up sell you out of service hence another reason I have an attorney.
    First American should really understand social median and what and how many people it reaches.
    My opinion to those thinking of HW..there are good ones…they are not one. They have crossed the line this time.

    Posted on May 24, 2017
  8. Elbert Davis

    I am very disappointed with the service I received regarding First American Home Warranty refusing to fix a covered repair.
    Last summer, a problem arose with my A/C. First American dispatched a contractor to contact me. He did, within the 24 hour period he was supposed to. He said he would fix it by the next day. He no-called, no-showed the appointment. I left repeated calls for him, but he didn’t bother returning them until a week later. Meanwhile, my family was without A/C for over a week, in August. First American agreed to allow another contractor to come. I had to pay him and get reimbursed from First American. It took over 4 months for First American to return my money. The service from First American was so lousy, they even returned my service fee.
    On Sunday, July 24, 2016, my A/C went out again. I said that contractor was not permitted to do the work due to the unprofessionalism last year. Despite that, First American insisted that I allow that contractor to do the work. First American does not get to decide who is allowed in MY home. Your claims department refused to service the A/C with another contractor.
    I filed a BBB complaint, fixed the unit myself, after many hours of research, and trial and error. Only after I filed the complaint did First American agree to send another contractor (after the unit was fixed). First American agreed to reimburse me, but now have refused to do so, breaching your contract.

    Posted on November 22, 2016
  9. David

    FAHW has the worst customer service. It’s no wonder they encourage their customers to use the website – their employees have terrible attitudes! This must be a horrible place to work since I have yet to talk to anyone there that’s been pleasant. It’s like they’ve forgotten who the customer is and when you call it’s like you’re bothering them. They should just start answering the phone “You’ve reached First American, what favor can I do for you today.” And forget trying to get someone to return a phone call – it doesn’t happen. I called my claims rep 3 times on 3 consecutive days and never got a return call. I know she was at work also because each day her voice message was different.

    Posted on February 4, 2016
  10. Webster

    Still waiting for my oven or a replacement since Jan.7,2016
    That tells you how first American values their customer’s been with them 5 years. Sure wish I got the Sears tech like I had requested but no, so I am still without a way to bake

    Posted on February 2, 2016
  11. very upset customer

    HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!! hot water heater went out 5 days ago, and I am still waiting for repairs. it took 2 days for FAHW to even send the work order to the plumber! we also had to wait over 24 hours for the repairs to be authorized, and for the plumbing co to be notified of the authorization. Now we are being told up to 3 MORE DAYS for FAHW to ORDER the hot water heater. Absolutely ridiculous customer service. We will never recommend this company, and will do all I can to make sure no one we know purchases a contract from FAHW.
    **Returning our $65 deduct would at least tell us that you’re concerned with the horrible customer service your company offers.

    Posted on January 13, 2016
  12. honeybee

    correction! the score shot;d be 1 star
    December 2015: It has been 3 months since initial claim was opened. The repair has still not been completed. 20 minute on-hold time for customer service is unacceptable. Messages left for claims rep were NEVER returned (the only time I’ve spoken with claims rep is when she phoned me, unaware that I’d left multiple messages). Messages left for supervisor were NEVER returned. Significant delays in getting approval for HVAC parts to be ordered by First American, significant delays in getting First American’s approval for replacement parts to be re-ordered when parts arrived damaged, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: the HVAC contractor they chose is having a dispute with First American on another case (they say First American hasn’t paid them), resulting in the contractor not motivated to get my job completed as soon as possible.
    Conclusion: Poor customer service, poor choice of contractor.
    Recommendation: Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction of this company.

    Posted on December 9, 2015
  13. zee

    They are fraudulent, they are NOT open 24/7 for you, its office hours if you need service or they haven’t come out or the problem gets worse.They send you a wild goose chase! I called 15 times this week, they have a ‘policy’ that if your fridge freezer breaks they will send someone out within 24-48 hrs. Guess what? I called 0645 Friday its now WEDNESDAY and nothing, after several msgs on the site, that your ‘claims’ specialist is supposed to contact you within 24 hrs, no….I have KIDS no fridge, a mess, and the holidays with food defrosted and they send me back to the mainline when I ask for a manager. So sick of it, they eventually offered to let me find my own repair guy then tell me he has to call be on hold get the run around and get permission, and it can only be for $125 limit seriously? No one wants to fix my fridge for that amount and go through crap phone calls and the part is more than that so I would have to fight for that?! And hope to get reiumbursed? Awful company I don’t care how they keep the decent reviews on the first page

    Posted on November 18, 2015
  14. John Lane

    How do we fix this

    You guys sent out a very untrustworthy to my home with my family there.

    They lied, strong-armed my wife and did not do a complete job

    Charged us for service not done, did not complete the job, ask my wife to replace filter, put duct tape on thermostat, and warp outside pipes for tech. Charged us for a new Thermostat but did install it until we ask as he was in his truck going to leave, yet told warranty company AC would not work with old thermostat with new AC unit, yet it worked perfectly.

    John Lane – 08/07/2015 09:44:47

    Charged us for a Electrical up grade for $577.00 but did not do a thing to any part of my electrical system. None. They did upgrade or change a thing other then the AC unit outside. Did not upgrade a thing inside or out. This company told my wife if we did not pay now they would take out AC unit and when ask for would not give her a record of him receiving our $500.00 in cash and $77.00 dollar check.

    John Lane – 08/07/2015 09:44:52

    The did not check the system, it is leaking water into our furnace, and now we have anew leak in the wash and upstairs shower, all next the AC.

    I have take video and picture of all issues and have had wife write a statement of fact regarding this issue.

    I would our AC and plumb issues fix by a different AC plumbing company and a full refund of $577.00

    Thank you

    John Lane

    John Lane – 08/07/2015 14:27:07

    Rollin Air also left the old AC unit in my drive way leaking oil.

    John Lane

    First American – 08/14/2015 10:01:41

    Hello Mr. Lane, we have received your web inquiry. I understand your concern on this. I have reached out to the contractor to provide an invoice and also remove the old unit. For further assistance, please contact First American. Thank you, for choosing First American and please enjoy the rest of your day.

    *The state of California requires we respond to all emails received. For this reason you will receive this same message duplicate times.

    Posted on November 17, 2015
  15. Richard Battle

    The advertisements for first American Home Warranty show people sitting smug drinking coffee feeling secure that they are covered if anything goes wrong. The first time we ever used our home warranty we had to come out of pocket $1,400.00! In a course of a year we will have paid them over $600.00. That will make up for the part that they spent on our claim. That is a wonderful deal for first American Home warranty if you ask me! Once our contract is up we’ll look elsewhere.

    Posted on November 12, 2015
  16. David Morgan

    Don’t waste your time with these guys. Every claim I’ve filed in the past 2 years has taken nearly a month to get resolved (even air conditioning, refrigerator, etc.) so that alone is enough of a reason to stay away from them. Who wants to go a month without AC in the summer, or a month without a refrigerator. Their customer service is a joke – they honestly seem to hate their customers. If you call them for an update you’ll be on hold for at least 45 minutes. Very often they hang up on you once you do reach someone and then of course they don’t call back so you have to call again and wait another 45 minutes. I could go on and on but you get the idea. Eventually they get it repaired but the hours I spend on each an every claim trying to force them to live up to our agreement just aren’t worth it to me anymore. I’ll go find a different company.

    Posted on August 27, 2015
  17. Bob

    I will let the messages I left on their message board speak for them selves. (note it says pn message board and I would receive an email everytime saying I will get a response within 24 hours except Holidays and Weekends WRONG
    08/19/2015 13:31:09
    L & S was called Saturday August 15 by First American, A technication from L & S called me August 16 to say they will be at my rental the following day. The tech called on August 17 and said HVAC was in good working order, my tenant called me back within an hour and said tempature was 90’s. L & S sent tech out again Tuesday, Tech said fan motor needed replacing and coils needed cleaning.
    08/19/2015 13:31:22
    Tech came out Wednesday August 19 with fan motor, he left telling the tenant he needed something and will be back Thursday. IT IS 113 DEGREES in Las Vegas, This unit is estimated to be 20 years old. My tenant is out of patience and so am I, L & S will have been there 4 times this week AND PROBLEM IS NOT SOLVED.
    08/19/2015 13:32:07
    How many times can i ask someone to be patient. They have a Bull dog that is gasping for air because of the heat, their refrigerator is not cooling because of the extreme heat in the house. THE UNIT IS ESTIMATED TO BE 20 YEARS OLD, due to Las Vegas Extreme heat, HVAC units have about a 10 year life. I lost a tenant 1 1/2 years ago because of how long it took to repair the unit, and now we are doing it again.
    08/19/2015 13:32:12
    I have 2 contracts with 1st American, my sister has 1, we may have to think renewing if its going to lose me tenants, the cost of replacement will be cheaper for me than the lost of rent, and leasing commissions, I WANT A SUPERVISOR CONTACTING ME 702-37
    08/19/2015 13:43:44
    I received a call from L & S, the compressor is gone and also a wire burnt, I was not guaranteed they will be out tomorrow.
    Do you think this is good service???????? AGAIN, 113 degrees!!!!!!!!!
    08/19/2015 14:07:23
    L & S advised me that they need authorization from 1st American, SO, MY TENANT WILL NOT HAVE HVAC THURSDAY, possibley FRIDAY, WHICH MEANS NOT UNTIL NEXT WEEK. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????? and my tenant now wants rent waived, so, HOW ARE YOU A BENEFIT?????????08/20/2015 09:50:30
    We were told we had to pay for Coils to be cleaned $225, Now we are being told we owe $650 for items not covered by Home Warranty. IS THIS CORRECT AND VALID?
    08/20/2015 10:07:02
    I am out $875 and $65 service charge for work on the unit, if corrected on Saturday, I have to rebate my tenants 8 days of rent which totals $296. How are you guys going to help us as this has been errors on YOUR contractors part?
    08/26/2015 11:01:36
    ok, Spoke to someone on Sunday Aug 23 at about 7am pst. Explained my concerns and complaints. Was PROMISED i would get a response Monday, no later than Tuesday. You are offically liars and rip off your clients. If anyone is to call me, it needs to be a supervisor. If I dont get any calls, I assume you want all my contracts not to be renewed

    Concers and Complaints were, Was told coils needed cleaning, was charged $225. HVAC tech confirmed coils were never cleaned, was also give a REBUILT Compressor, Im out of pocket $1236.00

    Posted on August 26, 2015
  18. Susan

    I have been trying to get an air conditioner fixed for over 30 days. When you call it takes an hour to get through to someone and all they do is read a script. No “REAL” help at all.

    Posted on August 6, 2015
  19. Robert Novak

    I had AHS, but had to give it up, because I am on Social Security. I signed up with First american, because they were cheaper. To my surprise, their response by their contractors was much better. The contractor techical staff is also better. Response time is faster and First American pays more for freon. I made the right choice to switch. With AHS, I was without heat for 5 month, because they didn’t have a clue. I recomend First American and forget AHS. I live in King George, Va.

    Posted on July 21, 2015
  20. Tracy Scott

    Every thing your reading is bullshit, this company is a nightmare to deal with. Good luck getting a hold of them 45 min at a minimum, followed by so lame ass excuse to deny your claim…

    Posted on July 20, 2015
  21. Shirley

    First American Home Choice is a rip off company. I called them because my A/C is out and it is 100 degrees in Texas in the middle of July. They sent out North Star in Houston. They came out after two days and put Freon in A/C then wanted to charge me $300 to clean coils and $185 to tape up a seam in unit. It worked that night and went out the next morning. I called FA back and after waiting over an hour to be able to talk to someone was put on hold again for another 45 minutes then disconnected by them. North Star came back again three days later said unit froze up and could not do anything. I called FA again and after another hour and a half was told I needed to talk to claims department but they were not open now to call back tomorrow. Called the next day with same results over an hour on hold then back on hold by claims. I told them what was happening and there were 3 elderly people living in the home and one with asthma. They said they would have to look into matter and get back to me. Have not heard from them or North Star since. I looked up North Star Mechanical reviews and found they were not even on the BBB list and they did not even hire licensed or bonded employees. These are the type of people that FA is sending to our homes. My unit is still not fixed and its been almost two weeks now.

    Posted on July 20, 2015
  22. Lisselot Brooks

    I’ve been a customer First American for four years.I was please with the company till I had an issue with my microwave I put in the claim about a month ago I have talked to supervisors, claim solutions department and no one has able to help me or even follow up on the matter. So it starts like this my microwave was down I call and submitted a claim they sent a technician from Sears who worked with equipment for 4 hours after we waited for 3 hours for him to show up to my house. When the technician call First American to report the issues with the microwave He was told that they were going to get a second opinion because they believed he wasn’t qualify after hearing that my husband and I decided to call, we waited on hold for 42 minutes we talk to the rep he said the same thing that the technician from Sears was on qualify and that they needed another opinion we decided to ask for a supervisor and we waited on hold for another 30 minutes the supervisor told us the same thing I asked them why is First American sending unqualified technicians to fix my equipmentThe supervisor didn’t help me and we finally agree to have a second look which meant my husband was going to lose another day of work to wait on the technician One no one showed up for the second look and we wasn’t contact . I call the company and expressed the disappointment I had with this issue I spent a lot of hours on the phone and time trying to resolve this matter and nobody contact me. My husband and I are both active duty services member (military) we sacrifice our lives for this country our jobs are very demanding and we really don’t have a lot of spare time so it was inconsiderate for this company to have us wait for a month and still no solution.

    I told one of the supervisors that my payment was never late therefore I expected good customer service and that this company was robbing me, I realize lot of the supervisors and clerks did not know what they were doing.this has been the worst experience I have ever had with any company. customer service was horrible, commitment to the customer was horrible,consideration to the customer was horrible ,unqualified technicians and poor customer services.

    Posted on July 5, 2015
  23. Patrick Groom

    All bad, endless hold on the phone. Won’t pay more than the amount you paid for the warranty..i.e. 500.00! They could care less about other damage done to the house due to their incompetence or that of the contractors they use!! Never pay them another dime!!

    Posted on June 21, 2015
  24. Michael Clark

    I had a home repair emergency that took over 48 hours for First American to schedule repairs. On another date I filed a claim for a septic system pumping. First American was unable to retain a contractor in my area. First American claims rep instructed me to obtain a local contractor and First American would reimburse. I contacted a contractor who pumped the system, and I submitted my cost to First American. Later, I received a call from the claims manager who advised they would only reimburse less than half of what I paid. First American withheld $50 dollars from my payment to file the paperwork.

    Posted on June 10, 2015
  25. Deon Savage

    my service has not been good I had to several times to keep getting the same problems fixed contractors keep telling me different the than the insurance company. I just feel like I was on my own

    Posted on January 30, 2015
  26. RJ

    First homeowner pays contracted plumber’s $200 in water heater installation and hauling, therefore his bid of $1000 is reworded as “upgrades” since company limits these to $250. All other independent plumber bids reverse the labor costs.
    They have figured out a bid to rip home owners.

    Posted on January 26, 2015
  27. Linda

    This is the worst company I have ever dealt with! They have terrible customer service. They seem very happy to collect the insurance premium but not so much when it comes to paying claims. My furnace broke down after we purchased our home and when I filed a claim, I was met with all sorts of resistance. First they told me it was a pre-existing condition (which I proved was not true), then they said that it was old and not in good working order. They knew it was an old house when they issued the policy, but the furnace was still working. I have been placed on hold for hours, transferred from person to person waiting to talk to someone. This is not acceptable. Their policy is not worth the paper it’s written on!

    Posted on October 28, 2014
  28. Andrea

    I have had terrible service in the last six years with this company. Each time they have sent out the least reputable company possible. The companies do not show up when promised and their abilities are of a beginner level.
    I am going to be taking my business elsewhere because of the terrible service they provide and the companies they send out.

    Posted on September 13, 2014
  29. Craig

    Our oven quit working and we called (First American). The local Sears service tech came out and determined the control panel was bad. We were informed that the part was no longer available and that it might have to be rebuilt ? I looked on-line and determined the part was available but not in the color (Bisque) of my oven. Since the range top is black, I called First American back and requested they order the Black Control Panel. I was told that they would contact the new repair company “Ace Appliance”. Ace called and agreed with our solution, I gave them the part number and even the cheapest on-line site I could find. The next day Ace called back and said First American refused to order the new part and insisted on repairing the old part. The trouble with repairing the old part was that they would come out remove the existing control panel (which disables my complete stove, range, oven!!) and the part would be shipped off, repaired, sent back and then come back out to reinstall. The time frame for this process is 4 – 6 WEEKS!! Thats right, no way to cook a meal for up to 6 weeks. I called First American back and after escalating the issue up the ladder,,,,, I spoke with (KERI) who went to bat for me and convinced the higher ups that replacing the control panel instead of repairing it was not significantly more expensive and that their customer of seven years would be extremely happy. I was looking at writing a scathing review, calling the local news channel consumer complaint division, calling the better business bureau, and canceling my contract / canceling the credit card. Instead I applaud Keri and the higher ups for seeing the value in a long term happy customer.

    Thank You!

    Posted on September 11, 2014
  30. Sherry

    This warranty company came with the house we bought last October and they have been just nasty! All summer long we had issues with the a/c and the furnace in the winter. They kept sending out idiots that done nothing but collected money. I had to threaten them with an attorney and lawsuit to get someone out from a different company after the blower motor burnt up. Finally they ordered a replacement furnace no a/c and will not pay for covered parts so now we have near 1000.00 coming out of our pocket! This company is a huge joke!!

    Posted on September 11, 2014
  31. MM

    This is a scam. They hire the worst contractors to do the work. the contractors don’t speak English. The company makes every effort not to do the work. Stay away, save your money and keep your blood pressure lower.

    Posted on September 10, 2014
  32. Tod Gibbs

    This company is a scam. They get your money making promises that they will take care of issues covered but what they dont tell you is that the contractors willing to work for them are not good. I have had my air condition out for over 3 months now and they have sent three different contractors all who have failed to fix the issue of my house not cooling. Now they refuse to send anyone else and tell me to get my own person as they cant fix it. I had a shower that wouldn’t shut off and they sent one guy who couldn’t figure it out then another who claimed the valve was bad and said the wall had to be cut and that the valve no longer was made etc… he then disappeared and finally I had to hire my own guy who literally fixed it in 7 minutes. DO NOT do business with this company, you will be very sorry if you do.

    Posted on August 22, 2014
  33. Jeannine S.

    This company is terrible! Average wait time on the phone for the 4 times we have called is 50 minutes. Average time to get electrical and plumbing issues fixed has been 30+ days. Online messages NEVER answered within 24 hours. The worst part is that their coverage is awful…would not cover to replace a 6′ ceiling fan downrod because they said it was “cosmetic”. If you don’t have an appropriate length downrod for tall ceilings the fan does not FUNCTION right as far as producing proper air flow. Don’t waste your money with these guys!

    Posted on August 20, 2014
  34. Chris Whitaker

    Refuse to cover the washing machine when they had told me 10 days prior that it was covered. I acquired this policy by purchasing a home. It is the worst policy I’ve ever had. They told me my washer/dryer were covered, and when I called in for a claim on the washer, 10 days later, now it’s not covered? This is total bull. That is out and out a lie. All they wanted to do was argue with me on the phone. They told me I could add it, for an additonal $70 but now there has to be proof that the washing machine is working. Their solution, call the agent who sold the policy (real estate agent), yeah they will take care of that right away. I left a message for them, but haven’t heard back. This is ridiculous. Will definitely be reporting this to my attorney.

    Posted on August 15, 2014
  35. Srikanth

    Been a customer with them for an year now.use to have two properties with them.In the entire i had them i had only two issues, one was fixed and one plumbing issue is still open with them without a resolution.The one time you hear from them is when you have to renew the contract. Their cs dept is rude and take customers for granted.

    Posted on August 13, 2014
  36. Buddy Fazzio

    Just had my first experience with this horrible company. First off they only warranty things within the foundation of the house. Electric will not stay on in my detached garage. The electrician they sent says the problem is on the roof of my house. But they won’t let him fix it because the lights are going off in the garage, not the house. How does that make any sense at all?

    The roof is within the foundation of the house and that is where the problem lies. The fact that the effect of the problem is in the garage should have no bearing.

    Posted on August 7, 2014

    Does it always take a week to have a service representative to show up. Not fix the problem, just to look. This is not reliable / dependable service.

    Posted on July 25, 2014
  38. Jose Ramirez

    I have been a customer of First American for approximately 2years. My experience with this company has been awful. They have refused to fix corroded copper lines which are covered under my contract. The contracted company has refused to fix a damage water line in dishwasher until the copper lines are fixed and First American has refused to authorize the fixture. It has been eight weeks and issue has not been resolved and the service call was paid in full. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

    Posted on July 10, 2014
  39. Duffy

    We purchased our home in September 2013 and got a warranty as part of the transaction. This was set-up my our realtor. I believe the cost they listed was $400 with a $60 deductible.

    In April of this year we started having issue with the electric cook range. The burners would just stop working while you were in the middle of preparing a meal.

    I called First American to report the issue. Let me just net it out. We have now had SEVEN visits by three different appliance repair places and still not a working range and it is July 6. After the sixth call, First American told us they would replace the range and it was in purchasing to get us a new unit.

    Well next thing I know I get a call from the third repair place to make an appointment to take yet another look at it. Why, apparently when purchasing looked at a replacement, they found out this was a very expensive unit and now wanted yet another opinion. The guy came out and said the repair would be very expensive, but he would send the quote back to First American. I have not heard anything back yet.

    BTW, I also want to add that the second company dented the control panel. They admitted they caused the dent, then started backtracking. They never fixed that either. So now I have damage and a non-working stove/range and it has been going on for going on three months.

    So we have been unable to cook dinner unless we can grill or microwave it.

    Can you imagine what you would go through in the middle of Winter without heat because your furnace failed or the heat of summer without air conditioning if you had to rely on First American to repair a non-working unit?

    The time I wasted having to be home waiting for repair people to show up and the next repair guy in the door will be the EIGHT visit by the THIRD repair company. This is just awful customer service.

    Posted on July 6, 2014
  40. John P

    we have had First American Home Buyers Protection Plan for the last year. (Note that BBB has 2 listings for this same company. The one I mentioned with an A- rating and First American Home Warranty with a D- rating… they are the same company). We have had 3 claims… all eventually completed, but the time frame on each was unacceptable. 4 months to replace a built in Microwave for example. When you call for service you are met by a frustrating auto system that you must answer each question perfectly to be allowed on to the next question, only to be told after spending 30 min talking to a computer that the wait will now be 55 min to speak to an agent. Then i was given the option to request a call back and keep my place in line… which i did, and then never got the call back. So all that time wasted. Bad customer service.

    Posted on July 4, 2014
  41. Cindy

    In the past I have had good experiences with First American but this time was different. I have a dryer with the fancy plastic push in buttons(where the button is behind a plastic film). After having the dryer for sometime the plastic film cracks and the actual button comes through. The start button was not turning on the dryer. They sent a Sears company out and it was diagnosed that the circuit board needed to be replaced. Because the plastic film was not over the button they said that they would not cover it due to parts missing. I even took pictures and sent them to First American and they still denied the claim. If they won’t fix my dryer what else won’t they fix. I am taking my business elsewhere.

    Posted on June 27, 2014
  42. Stacy Raymer

    Absolute WORST company EVER!!!! No customer service, won’t give any assistance in allowing for quick response. The contractor can’t be at my house for a week, without AC, 4 kids and they will not check with but 1 contractor!!!! The point system and spreading out the calls is more important to this company than taking care of their customers! DON’T EVER USE THEM, RUN, RUN, RUN!!! Find a company who actually cares about their customers instead of just their contractors!!!!

    Posted on June 25, 2014
  43. Sandra

    Just cancelled my contract. For minor repairs they were great however, the more serious the problem the longer it took to get repaired. My heater went out when we were having the below zero temperature. It took them several months to get fixed, meanwhile I had to wake up in the middle of the night freezing. They authorized me to get floor heaters until the problem was resolved. It took them about 2 months to get to reimbursed. When I called to inquire about my reimbursement it took them a long time to find who and when it was authorized. That was just one of the problems. I had to pay out of pocket for out of service providers to come look at the problem, it took them several months to reimburse me for those fees. Three or 4 companies were sent out until before it got fixed. Finally several months without heat, a technician came to fix the problem. First American sent a contracted company, they quoted me that the work with me completed in 3-4 days it took over a week and I needed to take time off of work.

    Posted on June 23, 2014
  44. Christian Capitaine

    First American Home Warranty is a FRAUD! We have been ignored and completely neglected for one week now. Our AC has been out with temperatures in the mid 90s and a newborn at home. First American Home Warranty has refused to replace or repair our ac system and the company they sent to do it will not answer our phone calls. DO NOT Waste your money on this company.

    Posted on June 22, 2014
  45. Ted

    Dishonest and unprofessional vendors. Promises, promises, no action. We have wasted many hours communicating our displeasure at the way First American Home Warranty has handled our many repair orders. Even our complaints to our area manager are fruitless. Can’t wait to renew with someone else! We have six properties under their warranty. Plumbers padding the bills with unnecessary replacements when replacing water heaters. Or they lied to us that permits were not required to change out a water heater. HVAC tech padded the bills when replacing parts- one said he had to clean the housing or would not warrant the replacement fan motor – $125! I videoed it. Waste of money. One HVAC tech claimed no power to motor and left. Wintertime. Tenants were in a cold house. Tech didn’t check. All he had to do was flip the toggle switch that was within 3 feet of the unit. That caused a 3 day delay. many more horror stories I could tell you. I don’t understand how they can have such a high rating here. Check out the other review sites.
    I am second generation remodeler now partners in a Real Estate management company. I know what I’m talking about when it comes to home repair.

    Posted on June 17, 2014
  46. Jason

    I have had this company for years and recently a pipe busted in my walls. The contract states plumbing is covered however I checked with the representative to make sure this was true in order to avoid unnecessary charges. I was informed that the leak was covered so I waited patiently for 3 days. Once a plumber was finally available, he came to my home and informed me that the leak was not covered. I called back and to my surprise the story had changed and the leak was not covered. I was ok with it not being covered however the wait accompanied by the charge was highly upsetting. If I was going to pay out of pocket I would have found my own plumbing service sooner.

    Posted on June 13, 2014
  47. Michele Holman

    I’ve used this company for years. If you have a small issue, they will be good and get someone out within a day or so to fix it. Unfortunately, we had our water heater rupture on Sunday morning. Our contract with them said they would have someone out same day. Did that happen? NO. They kept telling me that someone would come, but after calling them back about 4-5 times that day, they finally said no one could come until Monday. They just didn’t want to pay weekend rates, I’m sure. So, not only does this company not hold to their contract, but they lie about it too.

    Posted on May 31, 2014
  48. Patti

    i would not recommend this company, I have been without a water heater for 10 days, now they tell me it will be another 2 days, piss poor service from the company and the plumber they use, will cancel my warranty and go with someone else.

    Posted on May 19, 2014
  49. Alison Kopp

    When I switched from another company to this one I had explained the constant increases in policy premiums, as well as deductible. I was told not to worry, that they had not had increases in years. However, my premiums and deductibles have increased even MORE than the previous company and the service is lousy. I called this morning, Sunday, to report a water leak associated with my dishwasher and was told they would have someone here on Friday. Then the stupid idiot on the phone told me to reconnect the dishwasher and put it back where it was so the tech could diagnose the problem. I told her I did not feel like getting electrocuted and would leave it disconnected and would also be looking for a new home warranty company.

    Posted on May 11, 2014
  50. Allen Dickens

    First off I’ve been a loyal on time paying customer since 2010, and I’ve used my home warranty less than five times. I would consider the service , and promptness, and reliablity of this company to be seriously lacking in regards to real life people.
    My hotwater went out on May 4, 2014 ,and it’s still unresolved . I’ve spoken with seven different customer representatives , and I’ve been given seven different answers. Problem One :First American indicated that they would only pay for one technician to install a 65 gallon water heater( that was rectified).
    Problem 2: I was then told my water heater would arrive the next day May 6th, and the arrival date has changed every day since that time period . Ranging from 5/8/14 to 5/15/14. I’ve had a representative call to ask, if I had recieved my hotwater heater. I was also told that I had to pay 132.00 for expediated shipping of my water heater, when that was promised to be free, and now I’m told that it could not be exprediated because of the size. I’ve also been told that I have to pay an additional 350.00 out of pocket to install my hotwater heater, and I was told to read back over my platinum member contract. There has been no resolution in sight. I have two small children with no hot water, and my warranty company is not willing to accomodate my family.

    Posted on May 9, 2014
  51. Brittney

    I called with electrical issues and they sent out their contractor right away. I paid my deductible and he did what he said was an inspection to figure out the problem. He said nothing was wrong (he stuck some measuring device in my outlets and light fixtures). Five months later I have paid for someone not affiliated with them to come out and find the issue. I called and told them they said they will not work with my electrician let alone talk to him. They want me to pay another deductible for their person to come back out. So now im left with the Issue of paying them more money to not fix my problem or paying someone who cares to fix it for me.

    Posted on May 2, 2014
  52. Jack

    What a nightmare, l had a plumbing leak and called FAHW, l could not get a plumber for three days, when the plumber did show up he was three hours late, l missed work, when he did show up l told him l believe l had a slab leak, he statedhe did not have a leak detector machine, that it was in the shop, he took a picture of the floor, stated he was not going to charge me because he was not going to be able to do anything, he contacted the office, informed me another plumber would be sent out, this is Friday evening, Saturday no one called, Sunday, no call, Monday l called and the person l spoke to did not know anything about it, so he tried to contact a plumber, the earliest they could come was a Wednesday, he stated that he tried to contact one of their plumbers but no one had a leak detection machine, that it would be best if l contact my own plumber. I contacted my own plumber, they took care of the leak after three days of trying to figure out a way to charge me more money, l was instructed by FAHW that they would pay me $500.00 only for the slab leak, since it was not covered, l knew this was a gimmick, because they only sent me a check for $375.00, they kept $125.00, $65.00 for the plumber that was three hours late and $60.00, for a leak detected that was never detected. To date l still have not been paid as stated and l am looking to take my business elsewhere! !

    Posted on April 19, 2014
  53. Valerie Fowler

    I have been a customer of First American for many years–and I have multiple properties with them. My last experience with this company was awful….acutall it was not the acually company, but the “vendor” the company contracta with. I called to report multiple times but was met with MUCH resistance. this was a plumbing issue–water heater bust and drained out into my garage, and iktchen–quite a mess. I called early saturday morning….met with resistance–did not want to come weeken’s–anyway after a many phone calls to First American and frequent missed appt from the contracted company– I called First American and requested another company. They did not accomodate me…..bascially told me this is the company I had t go with.–In addition to the awful experience I had expecting them to keep their word on our appointments, the bill/work was padded. I learned of this this because I went elsewhere for the work I need done. all the extras wasn’t need and all the necessary codes were met.–I am looking to take my bussiness to another company–basically because of the plumbing contracted company that was sent to my home.

    Posted on April 15, 2014
  54. George

    Hi there i’ve been with first American the 3 year day been good to me you are raising their rates again and raise the rates last year to $623.00 on my next contract it will be $673.00 I am not happy about it.
    This new company I think I found one will be going to American home Shield all the others company like $500

    Posted on April 12, 2014
  55. Jeff

    I am very disappointed in how this company is treating me. It has been over two weeks with my furnace out of order, they have sent two companies to analyze the situation and still nothing done. They tell me they are working as fast as they can to get my home heated again. I do not believe they are working as fast as they can, it should not take over two weeks to get my furnace working again, I would have been filing a lawsuit if this would have happened in the harshness in winter. The ones who answer the phone say they understand my concern, they are just trained to say that. I been having to stay at other peoples homes and my birds are staying mostly warm with heat lamps. This company acts like this is the first time a furnace has stopped working in history. I call for updates countless times and they say they are waiting on finding prices of a new furnace or the parts that are needed to repair mine. They told me I could buy up to $100 worth of space heaters, but this will not heat my whole house comfortably. I pay this company monthly, I am keeping my end of the agreement, they are not. I have filed a report with the BBB. First American tells me that they will have an answer, but they keep pushing back the date. I bet anyone I am dealing with there would be uncomfortable also, cold floors and temps are still getting below freezing here. I do not recommend this company whatsoever.

    Posted on April 10, 2014
  56. Ken

    We should have checked the reviews online before paying for the warranty through escrow. My garage door opener failed, called them out. The tech was not experienced and seemed untrained or brand new to the business. They replaced Marantec 4700 with the cheapest Genie product out there. The Marantec is a much better unit but they said they could not get the matching unit because they did not carry Marantec and would provide a unit of equal spec, quality and features. Well, the genie has no illumination switch as my Marantec had, and is a chain drive instead of belt drive. I can get over the drive function but my family not being able to turn a light on in the garage is definitely a safety hazard. American Home Warranty Company does not care about the safety of their customers but rather their bottom line. On 4/2/14, after we thoroughly documented the differences in the units and submitted it to them, their representative (Samantha or Sara, something like that) called my wife and stated that they would send the repairman back out to replace the unit with a belt drive unit and she would receive a call from the repair company Exit Garage Doors to arrange a convenient time. After not hearing from anyone since 4/2/14 I called the office on 4/10/14 to find out when the repairman was coming out to correct the problem. The rep Dominic stated that the claim was closed 4/3/14 and they will not be correcting the issue. I am not sure what happened from the 2nd to the 3rd but in the end they do not care. Exit Garage Door was the vendor they sent, I would not hire they to sweep out my garage let alone try to repair a garage door or opener. Is it a surprise that our warranty expires 4/10/14. Coincidence? Do not expect much from American Home Warranty except an invoice. Great way to save a few bucks by putting my children’s lives in danger American Home Warranty Crooks, What a letdown.

    Posted on April 10, 2014
  57. Sammy

    Not worth the cost. There are so many exclusions on EVERY covered item it’s not worth anything. Then, the subcontracted they send to do the work will bill you direct for unnecessary parts at inflated prices. An example: My water heater needed replacement. I paid $60 for initial service call. My existing unit was American Standard, good quality, they wanted to replace with cheap Taiwan unit. First American also allowed subcontractor to bill you direct for excluded parts. My subcontractor requested an additional $500 for unnecessary
    for parts not covered under warranty. Everything but around $50 of this $500 was unnecessary. We already had a new overflow pan and plumbing, flex pipe, Correct size and location of vent pipe, etc. They just tried to cheat us.

    They even exclude basic parts that are mandatory to allow legal installation per code, of equipment. (ex. Pressure Release Valve).

    And finally, by the time you go through the claim process and give everyone 48 hours to get back to you and delivery times it takes week to get anything done. We had no hot water for over a week.

    Also, be aware they can (and always do) repair with rebuilt/refurbished parts and do not have to replace equipment with comparable quality equipment..

    Posted on April 8, 2014
  58. Janel

    Sorry for the sour grapes but I am currently with First American and am in the process of looking for another company. I’ve given them a 5 because they’re great if the service is for non-urgent issues. The issues arise when there is a major issue (i.e. water heater). We unfortunately went three days without hot water last summer despite my constant pleas to get a technician to our home. For some reason there were constant delays in communication between First American and the contractors. Long story short when our water heater was finally installed (three days later) we experienced a serious gas leak in our garage. I was shocked at the lack of compassion, urgency and overall decent customer service with this company. I refused to pay the $60 service fee due to our issues, which they sent to collections and only resolved a few days ago with First American….just in time for me to renew my policy with them. I think I’ll continue to look elsewhere.

    Posted on March 28, 2014
  59. Tim P

    This is a terrible product. They market themselves as protecting homeowners from high cost repairs and problems, but hidden in the contract are loopholes that protect THEM from paying out. Two examples:
    We bought a home that had a built in microwave/convection oven. Three months after we moved in, the handle to open the microwave broke off. We called First American, they came out, the service representative told me that they would find another handle. However, then I received a voicemail that stated handles were not covered on appliances. When I called to inquire, I was told, “If we covered handles on appliances (many of which are no longer available) we would have to replace the entire appliance, and that would be too expensive.” Isn’t that why we have the insurance in the first place?
    Second example: Two custom facets in the master bedroom became blocked. The service rep told me that they would be covered. However, First American would only cover the most inexpensive chrome facets, not replace the custom ones. They would also give me cash, so I could use the cash toward buying ones that actually matched the bathroom. Minus the service fee, their cash out was $19!
    This is a terrible product. I have called my agent who assisted us in purchasing the home and informed her, and she has assured me that neither she nor her office will use First American again. Buyer be warned.

    Posted on March 26, 2014
  60. Reginald

    First American Home Warranty Corp. This company can not be trusted to pay their claims. They will use any excuse to deny payment even after their own tech recommend that my claim will be covered. And submitted his own estimate for doing the job. Over the last three decades of serving in the U.S. Military we’ve paid for and received reliable insurance coverage from many other companies. FAHW will never get my recommendation because they are not to be trusted.

    Posted on February 3, 2014
  61. Douglas

    We have used them for several years (upon recommendation of my realtor, who also uses them for her house and rental property). We have a rental and our home and have had claims on each over the years….so far the service/coverage has been great and worthwhile.

    Posted on January 1, 2014
  62. Mark Jacobowski

    This company is a joke! The previous reviews are a farse. Three weeks to fix a broken heater is unacceptable and descent company would work diligently to fix the problem, rather than put you hold. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!

    Posted on December 6, 2013
  63. Ms Kelly

    I’ve had coverage with First American for more than 5 years and until now I was satisfied. They did a switch which I found to be deceitful. When I read over my renewal paperwork, I saw that nothing had changed. But 8 months into my renewed contract I was told doorbells are not part of the contract. They did not send me a copy of my new contract which was not their norm. Usually the package came within a week of payment. If something changed, they should have notified customers of the change.

    Posted on December 4, 2013
  64. --

    All the good review mentioned GREAT, just don’t have a Lift Master Garage Door Opener w/ 3 remote controls fail that require a a electronic board replacement. You will end up with a patch job and one remote control.

    Posted on November 25, 2013
  65. Maggie

    My appliances are always breaking down for all the normal reasons. Luckily, they have qualified and experienced professionals who are able to attend to my problems within the specified time. Since signing up with them my appliances are well taken care.

    Posted on August 24, 2013
  66. Kyla Hatchet

    With the reputation behind this company and the 25 years it has been in business, I thought it would not hurt trying it out. To my surprise I got more than I bargained for. The services are of high quality as it covered all my house appliances. In addition to that the staff are qualified and experienced at what they do. Customer satisfaction is their main priority. My house was fully covered against floods and other natural calamities. This was important for me as these types of disasters are common around where I live.

    Posted on June 12, 2013