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Many homeowners find themselves aggravated with their home warranty company for not reimbursing their claims for appliance fixes or the replacement of home systems. If the business refuses to compensate it, then there is probably a written omission in their contract. Therefore, it is always wise and safe to read each word of the contract before signing it. By doing so, a home protection policy will protect you fiscally from certain malfunctions or defects that may happen after you have acquired your home. Here is the comparison of the home warranty plans of the two home warranty businesses Total Protect and First American Home Warranty.

Warranty Plans

TotalProtect assists consumers reimburse the replacement or revamp bill when any home appliances and/or systems stop working, owing to customary wear and tear. The company's range of coverage lets homeowners choose the home protection plan they need at a price that best suits their budget. The Optimal Plan of this business provides the required safety for 20 of the most vital home systems and appliances. Homeowners can also choose from a variety of plans that offer coverage exclusively to their systems or their appliances. All home protection plans of this company can be individualized by incorporating things, such as an extra water heater, a swimming pool, or a second refrigerator to their current existing home warranty plans.

Regarding the home protection plans of First American, although it offers two types of plans, the Basic Plan and the Premier Plan, they cover only some standard appliances and some major appliances and systems in a home. Should homeowners need additional coverage for supplementary items, they have to upgrade the current home protection plan.

Although First American offers more plan options than TotalProtect, it covers only standard appliances and systems. However, the home warranty plans of TotalProtect cover as much as 20 home appliances and systems. Considering this, buying a home warranty plan from TotalProtect is a preferable option for homeowners.

Work guarantee

TotalProtect offers customers its most popular service through a written warranty. This business offers its customers a labor warranty for 180 days for all of the repair and replacement work they undertake. This means that if any of the repaired or replaced item breaks down within 180 days from the date of repair or replacement, they will be again repaired or replaced free of cost.

Conversely, First American has not mentioned any workmanship guarantee for the repair or replacement of home appliances and systems. This leads to a monetary loss to homeowners if the repaired or replaced items becomes faulty again within a short period.

As far as the workmanship of the repaired or replaced items is concerned, the home warranty of TotalProtect is more desirable to homeowners.

Customer service

TotalProtect makes the contract active immediately when it is signed. Moreover, the business operates a 24 x 7 x 365 consumer service center, and it offers customers a variety of online services. Buyers can immediately get their quote, process their claims quickly, and can get in touch with the company using the website. Furthermore, the business is receptive to complaints, and it will rectify the issue immediately through their excellent customer service.

Alternatively, the warranty plans of First American become effective only after 30 days of the enrollment. There are also thousands of complaints to the Better Business Bureau, which have been solved during the past three years. Most customers express their displeasure about the customer service of First American.

For a better customer service, TotalProtect is superior when compared to First American.

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